Our employees are vital to our continued success

Old World Industries, LLC has built a strong global relationship with its suppliers, customers and consumers based on the past four decades of trusted experiences. Those strong relationships extend to our employees and community as Old World is proud of the high retention rates of our employees and the commitment to community philanthropic efforts.

Let us Hear Your Voice

Every one of our employees is vital to the continuing success of Old World Industries. We have set very ambitious goals, both short and long-term for Old World, and there are many challenges facing us as we continue to grow as a leader in our industry. Building a first class company is an evolutionary process and the input our employees can provide from their unique perspectives is essential.

Accomplish Our Goals Together

The best way for a business to operate is as a team, so we look to our employees for actions that contribute to the spirit of cooperation in our Company. We want to create an environment where each of us is challenged to grow both personally and professionally. We want people to enjoy their work, pursue their dreams, and think big.

The success of OLD WORLD is based on our principal asset: our people.

Cultivate Your Talent

Our principal products have come from ideas generated by our people. Because we believe in the individual, our work atmosphere allows each employee to exploit his or her talents to the fullest.

The Freedom to do More

Our Motto "Have Fun, Work Hard, Make Money" comes from the ability to do more than the smaller guys with fewer restrictions than the big ones. Combine the fast pace of a small company with the stability of big business and you have Old World Industries, LLC. With Old World you have the freedom to realize your own talents.